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Hub’air aviation academy is a leading european aviation flight school located in the south of France. After having trained many airlines pilots since 2001 with the Hub’air sister company based in Belgium, Hub’air France started operation in 2014 in Nîmes under the hood of the French DGAC.

Since 2014, Hub’air France has trained pilots from more than 20 different nationalities for the Boeing PDP (Pilot Development Program).

We are providing all levels of training from ab Initio airline pilot training to Type rating on Boeing B737 300-900.

The majority of our staff are experienced airlines professionals. These include directors of flight operations, training managers, instructors and airline pilots. All of them work to the same goal: to use their professional experience to develop the next generation of airline pilots to the highest possible level of professionalism and expertise.

To support our mission we invest heavily in training systems, aircrafts and simulators.
As a leading flight school, we have also forged strategic links with a number of airlines. This allows us to offer invaluable training experience to ab Initio pilots and can ease the transition to professional employment.

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Francois Brocart

Dear you,

While the airline industry is delivering more and more reliable aircraft equipped with latest automation systems, the flight training schools are choosing between two concepts to train airlines pilots.

The first concept is to consider that a modern airline pilot doesn’t need to demonstrate high flying skills as he will be a systems operator. Emphasis is made on a short duration training and, possibly low cost. Lowering the skills requirements allows the training school to increase the number of potential candidates and for some airlines , to eventually reduce the salaries as the pilots are less qualified.

The second concept is to consider an airline pilot as , first of all, an aviator that will turn to be a systems operator for the vast majority of the time. Training will prioritize flying skills initially. Later the pilot will learn how to operate systems. A selection entry test is made to ensure the suitability of the candidate.

We have chosen the second concept as we have noticed that pilots with high flying skills tend to be much less saturated by workload in an automated aircraft. Besides, if any failure happen leading to a disconnection of the automation, the “aviator” will still be controlling the aircraft manually without too much efforts leaving him the mental capacity to decide the best course of action.

In order to comply with the second concept, we have focused on certain training aspects such :

  • Rely on the human element. The good instructors will make the difference. Anyone can buy material but relying on experienced instructors is key.
  • Continuous monitoring of students progress with modern tracking tools.
  • Give time to students to assimilate the materials. No crash courses to save time and money.
  • Allow students to practice. No minimum hours . For example, Hub’air will give 86 hours of Boeing 737 hands-on with Flight training devices while the majority of training center will give the minimum EASA of 32 hours.
  • New technology. Glasscockpits allowing new PBN approaches, EFB, electronic tracking.
  • Airline environment: using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s), Operation Manuals ( OM) and Minimum Equipment list (MEL) from day 1 of training.
  • Ideal location for training. Nimes airport (France) is open to few airlines but allows us to perform heavy training in a professional environment. Sunny weather, between mountains and sea, plenty of airfield in the vicinity and lots of controlled airspaces make Nimes one of the best location for flight training in the world.

If you are more receptive to the pedagogical aspects of the training than the marketing, if quality is more important than price without neglecting it, if being trained by active airlines instructors matters to you… then look no furter ! We will be happy to share our experience with you...

Francois Brocart
François Brocart, Hub'Air CEO, Cpt./Instructor Boeing-Airbus
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